It goes without saying that students are very busy people. They should read, write, and investigate a lot. There are moments when they are too exhausted to go for a walk or chat with the friends. Do you recognize yourself in our words? If yes, keep reading the article because we know how to save your time and effort.


It’s quite easy to create a memory that would save information, constantly fueled by the power from the network or battery. It’s more difficult to come up with a way to store information without a power source. And these devices must have a large amount of memory, quickly write and read information and to be inexpensive for the cost. One of those “devices” are flashcards or information cards and in our case – its a learning guides for studying economics. You can use it for various reasons: to learn about audit, business, financial or managerial purposes. But if you’re a student, you can use it as test help, study guide, save different kinds of starting materials, as well as teaching materials.


Management is the ruling of something, in the other words – leadership. Thus, this sphere of activity includes such processes as guidance, planning, coordination, disposition, control. The manager must have the appropriate competencies for the effective performance of its duties. Management can be carried out in any area, most often it’s:

Business Studies is a broad category in the field of Social Sciences that offers the in-depth and enhanced studying of a great variety of different specialties. The field of business involves a significant number of the functional areas, and each of them has its distinct purpose. Despite a great deal of choice, the category of Business Studies implies a considerably challenging area of study that might pose particular difficulties for the individuals of the different age groups. Such a complex field of education requires an enormous amount of energy, as well as the great efforts to be taken, to have a good understanding of the learning materials presented by the professors.

As it was already mentioned, while studying this area of interest, you are highly recommended to ask the lecturer to provide you with the complementary practical approaches that can be used in conjunction with your studying materials. In the most cases, such approaches may include case studies, role plays, workshops, simulation games, conferences, research group projects, and the other engaging activities. However, one of the most common practical approaches that are applied to enhance the students’ learning process is the use of flashcards. Using this educational approach, the instructors tend to tease out the main parts of their teaching materials and introduce them to the audience with the help of flashcards or slides that can be created using Microsoft PowerPoint.

In general, flashcards are often regarded as the information cards that are used as the classic study tools in different areas of the modern education, and particularly, in Business Studies.
There are several functional areas of Business Studies that may involve the use of flashcards and the other visual presentations. This area of learning may be closely associated with the fields of accounting, finance, and economics. Hence, you have a chance to save your time by creating the flashcards. Additionally, some business terms and notions may be observed in the areas of management, trade, and leadership as well.

Needless to say, that the areas of Business Studies mentioned above introduce a number of concepts that may be considerably challenging to remember. Hence, in this case, the use of flashcards may be regarded as the main practical approach aimed at enhancing your learning process through an active recall.