Hold the Flag High Vocabulary

canteen a small container that holds drinks confederacy a group of people, states, or countries that work together glory praise or honor quarrel a fight rebellion a conflict that leads to war stallion male horse Read more…


Persia and Greece vocabulary terms

persian empire the biggest empire and it had a centralized government Alexander the Great invaded Persia with a strong armed army. He portrayed himself in Persia and Egypt as a legitimate successor. Athenian democracy direct Read more…


Volcano Vocabulary

volcano a mountain through which molten lava and gases erupt Ring of Fire Area around the Pacific Ocean known for frequent earthquakes and volcanoes eruption When melted rock, ash, and gases pour out of a Read more…


Vocabulary Frayer Model

Abolitionist A person who wanted to end slavery Replica a exact copy of something Commemorate honor the memory of Perseverance the state of being patient in effort; continuous attempts; never giving up Access a means Read more…


Quality Core Vocabulary List- Biology

Active transport Enery-requiring process that moves material across a cell membrane against a concentration difference Adaptation Inherited characteristic that increases an organisms chance for survival Amino acid Compound with an amino group on one end Read more…


GRE Advanced

cacophony loud confusing disagreeable sounds chicanery the use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them) opprobrium a state of extreme dishonor desiccate lose water or moisture inchoate in an initial stage; Read more…


Korean Vocabulary List 11

가방 Bag 강아지 Puppy 건물 Building 고기 Meat 공 Ball 공책 Notebook 기분 Feeling/Mood 길 Road 껌 Gum 꽃병 Flower vase 노래 Song 돈 Money 모자 Hat/cap 목 Throat 물 Water 바람 Wind 배 Stomach/ship Read more…


Unit 7 Vocabulary – Synonyms

pathetic moving, distressing, pitiable, heartrending gullible overtrusting, innocent, naive, credulous quash to crush, suppress dissect to cut apart, analyze, examine persevere to plug away, pursue, stick to it fatality a casualty, mortality prevaricate to fib, Read more…


Hindi Vocabulary: Nature

phūl flower sūraj sun chānd moon (chandramā – Used in poetry) āsmān sky zamīn earth tārā star bāriś/varṣa rain (colloquial/formal) nadī river bādal cloud bijalī lightning indrā dhanuś rainbow havā/vāyū wind patthar stone āg fire Read more…


The Razor’s Edge Vocabulary — ALL

affront N: insult; offense; intentional act of disrespect; V: to insult or hurt the feelings of intentionally e.g. Maugham ___________(s) Isabel when he accuses her of killing Sophie. impediment N: obstruction, hindrance, obstacle e.g. Elliott Read more…


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