Honors Anatomy and Physiology A- Anatomical Position Vocab

Superior (cranial)
Towards the head end of upper part of the body
Inferior (caudal)
Away from the head end or towards the lower part of the body
Anterior (ventral)
Towards or at the front of the body
Posterior (dorsal)
Towards or at the backside of the body
Medial (midsagittal)
Towards or at the midline of the body (inner side)
Away from the midline of the body (outer side)
Between a more medial and more lateral structure
Closer to the body mass
Farther from the body mass
Superficial (external)
Towards or at the body surface
Deep (internal)
Away from the body surface
Lengthwise plane that divides body into left and right parts
Frontal (coronal)
Lengthwise plane that divides the body into anterior and posterior parts
Transverse (cross)
Horizontal plane dividing the body into superior and inferior parts