8th Grade Genetics Vocabulary

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The inherited characteristic often masked by the dominant characteristic and not seen in an organism. You must have two of this allele to get the trait.
learned behavior
an action that an animal develops by observing other animals or by being taught. It is not born with this behavior.
The different forms of a trait that a gene may have
The material that controls which traits are expressed in an organism
The passing of traits from parent to offspring
The study of how traits are inherited through the interactions of genes.
Ways of looking, thinking, or being. They are passed down through the genes from parents to offspring
Both alleles [forms of the gene] are the same.
Homozygous dominant
When offspring inherit two dominant genes, (one dominant gene from each parent)
Homozygous recessive
When offspring inherit two recessive genes, (one recessive gene from each parent)
When alleles occur in different forms •When offspring inherit one dominant gene and one recessive gene
A trait that covers over, or masks another form of that trait. Trait that always shows up.
an organisms genetic makeup
Outward physical appearance and behavior of an organism
Punnett square
A tool to predict the probability of certain traits in offspring that shows the different ways alleles can combine
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