Genetics and Heredity Video: The Blueprint of Life

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Gregor Mendel
What is the name of the monk who developed the Genetic Theory?
Traits are passed from parents to offspring by what hereditary material?
What is the basic molecule that makes up genes?
How many different types of nucleotides or “building blocks” are found in the strands of DNA that make up all living things?
What is the major component of most cells other than water?
Most cells in an organism contain exactly the same genes. True or False?
The coiled and folded strands that contain the arrangement of genes is called?
Meiosis and Mitosis
What are the two types of cell division.
What is the main thing that happens to a cell in interphase?
Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase
What are the four phases of Mitosis?
Matching paired strands of chromosomes are joined together in a region called the nucleotide. True or False?
Spindle Fibers
What is the name of the small fibers that attach to each chromosome strand during metaphase?
What is the phase of mitosis when chromosomes pull apart?
Meiosis 1 and 2
What are the two stages of meiosis?
Maternal and paternal chromosomes switch some of their genes during meiosis. True or False?
During what phase of mitosis does the cell’s cytoplasm divide?
Telophase 2
What is the final phase of meiosis?
The genes that make up chromosomes are responsible for defining an individual’s what?
Pure and Hybrid
What is the name for two traits in a gene pair being the same; what is the name if the pair is different?
Punnet Square
What is the name of the tool used by genetics to diagram the likely offspring of a particular parental cross?
One set of genes can control thousands of traits. True or False?
Genetic Engineering
What is the process geneticists use to alter genetic material?
What is the name given to a spontaneous change in the genes of an organism?
Genetic engineering will impact what field of study the most?
Sickle Cell Anemia and Huntington’s Disease
Give the name of two genetic diseases?
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