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the study of how traits are (blanked) through the interactions of alleles.
when did the study of genetics start
in the 1850’s
who was the first scientist to study and record how traits pass from one generation to the next.
Gregor Mendel
what was he considered?
The father of genetics
Passing traits from parent to offspring is referred to as what.
Mendel studied how traits are inherited through the mixing of genetic materials in what?
pea plants
he studied offspring that were given different genetic material for a trait from each parent, called what.
these offspring expressed different traits that a gene may have, called what.
during his study, he discovered that the(blank) trait on an allele seemed to disappear when the plants were cross-pollinated.
At the same time, some traits seem to cover up other traits and he labeled these as what?
scientist now say when two alleles for a trait are the same, the organism is considered what?
scientist have designed a grid with letters called what?
punnett square
the different ways alleles can combine is referred to as the organisms what?
how a organism looks is called what?
some organisms are considered what?
pure bred
farmers and animal breeders genetically do what to their crops and animals?
is it possible for two alleles to produce four phenotypes?
no only three.
how is a trait inherited with more than two alleles?
multiple alleles
name a sex linked genetic disorder
color blindness
name a homozygous recessive disorder
cystic fibrosis
Selective breeding is part of the science of
What uses biological and chemical methods to change the DNA sequence of genes?
genetic engineering
Genetic engineering can be accomplished in bacteria using
recombinant DNA
Gene therapy has shown promise
in controling
Many stores_______genetically engineered produce.
_______ involves placing a normal allele in a cell that has a mutation and hoping that the normal allele begins to function.
Gene therapy
Why do some people proffer to eat foods that are not genetically engineered?
Because we don’t know the potential long term problems.
Identify a disease or disorder and explain how it might be controlled by genetic engineering.
Cancer is a disease that might be controlled by genetic engineering by adding a type of gene into the person that stops the cancer.
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