Chemistry of Microbiology


smallest unit of matter


atoms interact to form bonds


bonds form molecules






=negative charged particles


=positive charged particles


=neutral charged particles

atoms with different numbers of neutrons, BUT the same amount of electrons
how many electrons are on outermost shell
what you get when you combine two different molecules
Chemical Bonds
forces holding atoms in compound
Ionic Bonds
occurs when there is an attraction of opposite charges
Covalent Bond

occurs whenever two are going to share electrons


stronger than ionic bonds

Hydrogen Bond

hydrogen bonds to oxygen or nitrogen bonds


very weak bond

Endergonic Reaction
reaction that absorb energy
Exergonic Reaction
reactions that release energy
Synthesis Reaction
when smaller ions, atoms, or molecules form a larger ion, atom, or molecule
Decomposition Reaction
whenever you split something into atoms, ions, or molecules
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