What is a accidental parasit of humans?
what organisms cause meningoencephalitis?
what is an example of a cilieated pathogen
Once infected with Trypanosoma brucei, the pt cannot ever clear the infection and become immune b/c the parasite?
changes its glycoprotein surface antigens every time it replicatess
Trypanosoma cruzi is introduced into the body by?
feces containing trypomastigotes contaminating a bite wound
What form of Leishmania lacks flagella and multiplies in a mammalian host’s macrophages?
What is the same for BOTH Trypanosoma cruzi and Trypanosoma brucei?
importance of early diagnosis and treatment
what is the most common parasitic disease in industrialized nations?
Trichomonas infections
The presence of active motile multiflagellated trophozoites in vaginal or urethral secretion is indicative of infection with?
Trichomonas vaginalis
The protozoans known as apicomplexans?
reproduce by schizogony and are intracellular parasites
Severe, watery diarrhea, with a “rotten-egg” smell accompanied by abdominal pain, bloating, and fever are signs and symptoms associated with?
What species of Plasmodium causes cerebral malaria?
only P. falciparum
What parasitic infections can be diagnosed using a blood smear?
african sleeping sickness and malaria
what is the prophylactic drug of choice for malaria?
What is TRUE  of Toxoplasma?

it usually results in no permanent damage and is self-limiting

it is typically contracted by eating undercooked meat

the majority of infected people are asymptomatic

it is one of the worlds most widely distributed protozoan parasite in humans

What parasite is NOT generally microscopic in its mature form, even though microbiologists usually study them?
After a trip to several South American countries, a middle-aged man becomes ill. He becomes anemic, loses weight, and runs fever. The clinician notes a recently healed sore near his nose. Microscopic examination of a blood smea does not reveal anyting other than the anemia. What parasitic infection is consistent with this scenaria?
A contact lens wearer and cat owner begins to experience problems with her eye. The eye is inflamed and painful, and examination of the eye reveals that the conjunctiva is ulcerating. Which of the following parasites could be responsible?
The infectious stage of a beef tapeworm in humans is?
the cysticerci
Differentiation between infection with Taenia saginata and with Taenia solium is carried out by examination of the?
The easiest way to prevent Taenia infection in humans is to?
thoroughly cook or freeze meat
A human fecal sample is examined and found to contain a few strobila. The person is probably infected with?
a person reorts to a clinic complaining of fever and abdominal pain. The abdomen is swollen, abd blood tests indicate liver damage. A stool sample is examined under a microscope and found to contain eggs wit h a spine projecting from its surfaces. The indications are consistent with infection with?
Schistosoma mansoni
How are the different types of Schistosoma identified?
by the position of their spine and the shape of their eggs
What nematodes can be transmitted by mosquitoes?
Wuchereria bancrofti
What is the most common parasitic worm in the US?
Enterobius vermicularis
Schistosoma uses?
snails as an intermediate host
what parasites infect the lymphatic system?
Nematodes are known as?
Humans become infected with Fasciola by?
ingesting the enysted metacercariae on watercress or other vegetation
Elephantiasis is caused by?
filarial roundworms
what vectors may spend their entire life associated with a single host individual?
what is the most important vector of human disease?
what is transmitted by fecal-oral route?
Entamoeba histolytica
Whatdo Echinococcus granulosus, Entamoeba histolytica, and Enterobius vermicularis have in common?
they live in the intestines of their definitive host
Schistosoma causes what?
snail fever
Balantidium has what?
Naegleria is a?
Echinococcus causes what?
hydatid cysts
Giardia causes what?
beaver fever
Tsetse fly causes what?
african sleeping sickness
Chagas’ disease is caused by what?
kissing bugs
Sand flies cause what?
Mosquitoes cause what?
Trichomonas is a?
T/F Balantidium coli is the only ciliate known to cause disease in man.
T/F contact w/ infected cats and their feces is the only mode of transmission of Toxoplasma to humans.
T/F ALL tapeworms are intestinal parasites that completely lack digestive systems
T/F all flukes are dioecious.
T/F Plasmodium reproduces by binary fission.
T/F Ascariasis is the msot common nematode infection worldwide.
T/F Entamoeba histolytica can cause keratitis if it is introduced through an abrasion in the conjunctiva.
T/F Anemia is common consequence of hookworm infection.
T/F Visceral leishmaniasis is AKA kala-azar and is fatal in 95% of untreated cases.
T/F Most diagnostic techniques are not very sensitive for Cryptosporidium.
the feeding and reproducing stage of many protozoa is known as a ______.
Acanthamoeba and ___ cause rare and usually fatal infections of the brain
With each wave of replication, ____ changes its glycoprotein surface antigens.
trypanosoma brucei
the ____ is where immature stages of parasites develop.
intermediate host
Because beavers are a common zoonotic source of infection with ____, the resulting condition is sometimes referred to as “beaver fever.”
_____ is an obligately parasitic protozoan that is incapable of surviving long outsidethe human host and is transmitted almost exclusively by sex
the mildest type of malaria is caused by?
plasmodium ovale
because ____ requires Duffy antigens to attach to and infect erythrocytes, Duffy-negative individuals ar eimmune to this parasite.
plasmodium vivax
Apicomplex reproduce by?
microcephaly can result in a fetus infected transplacentally with____
toxoplasma gondii
high worm burden with ____ may result in intestinal obstruction
ascaris lumbricoides
the ____ are helminths with an incomplete digestive system.
the tapeworm’s _____ reflects a sequence of development.
b/c ____ are readily visible in mean and give it a “mealy” look, inspection of meat can decrease chance of infection with Taenia.
____ are commonly known as pinworms b/c of the shape of the females tail.
enterobius vermicularis
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