Micro bio vocab

organisim taht likes low ph, 5.5 and below
can use or requiers oxygen in resperation
Aerotolerant anaerobe
micro org unable to respire oxygen but does not kill it
org that has pg optimin of 8 or higher
Org that cannot use oxygena nd is inheibited by it
antimicrobial agent
a chemical comound taht kills or inhibits the gorwth of micro orgs
Antiseptic (germicicde)
chemical agend taht kills or inhibits groth of microrgs and is sufficeintly nontoxic to be applied to livng tissue
sealed heating device that destorys microbs via steam and pressure
Bacteriocidal agent
agent that kills bacteria
Bacteriostatic agent
agned that inhbits baceiral growth
batch culture
a closed-system microbial culteure of fixed volume
Binary fission
cell deevision folowwing enlargemnt of a cell to twice it’s normal size
an attached polysaccharide matrix contaning bacterial cells
cardnial temperature
the min, max and uptamom temp for a givin organisim
a device that allous for the continous cultuere of micro org with indepedent conrol of both gorwth rate and cell number
Compatibal state
a molucule that is accumulated in the cytoplasam of cell for adjustment of water activity ubut does not inhibit bactiral processes
treatement of a surface or object to make it safe to handel
an antimicribial agend used only on inanimant objects
complex of proteins that directs cell division process
Exponential growth
growth of a microbal population in which cell numbers double within specific time interaval
Extream halophile
a micro org that requirs very large amounts of NACL usualy greter than 10% andin some cases need the saturateiron to grow
an org that can grow with or without something
A protein that forms a ring along the mid-cell deiviosn place to initiatte cell devision
Fungicidal agent
kills fungi
Fungialstatic agent
inhibits gorwth of fungi
Generation time
time requried for a population of cells to double
An increse in cell number
micro org that requiers NACL for growth
micro org that does not need NACL but can grow in it’s presence
HEPA filter
(high effecaincy particulate air) filer that removes partical including micro orgs from intake or exsaust of air flow
procaryote that has an optimum tmeo of 80C or higher
org that gorws between 20-40C
aherchic organisim that can grow only when oxygen tensions are reduced from the present in air
An org that grows best at ph 5.5-8
Minimum inhibatory concentraion (MIC)
the minimum concentraion of substance nessacary to prevent microbal growth
Obligate anerobe
org that cannot grow in the presnecne of oxygen
org that grows best in the presnece ofhigh level of soulte typically a sugar
the hat treatment of milk and other liquids to reduce the toatl number of microbes
the negative logarithim of the hydrogen ion H+ concnetarion of a solution
Plate Count
a method of counting vial cells,the humber of colonies on a plate is used to measure the number of cells
an org with a temp of 15C and max growth temp of 20
able to grow at low temp but has a higher optimim temp of 20C
an agent that reduces micro orgs to a safe leevel but may not elimanate them.
a chemical agent that destorys all forms of microbail life
the killing or removal of all livng organisism and viruses
an org who’s groth temperateure optimin lies between 40 and 80 C
able to reproduce
Viable count
a measeurement of the concentarion of cells in a population
Viridal agend
agned taht stops viral reproduction
Viristatatic agnet
agend taht inhibits viral reprodution
Water activity
the ratio of the vapor pressure of air in equaliv with a solution to the vapor pressure of pure water
an org that is able to live or needs to live in dry enviornmetns
Mode of action (MOA): bind to 16s to freese and slow down 30s
Resistantce: common
Good for: G-, some G+
Tetracyclin bacstatic
Bind to 30S inhibit binding to 70S
Borad spectrum good for intracellular
Resistance comong
Side effect, destroy intenral flora, stains teath/bones
Spectinomycin static
interfer with RNA intearction of 30S
Used in treatemnet of penicilin resistant orgs
Resistance, rager in Nisseria gonorrhea
Chlorampenical bacstatic
bind to 50s inhibit peptdyl activity
broad rage
common resistance
damgages bone marrow
Macrolider static

inhibit translation
gram +

resistance common 

Fusidic acid static
bind to eleongation factor EF-G and inhibit replection
gram +
G+ board
Forms pores in cytoplasmic membrne
brwoaed specrum
good for MERSA
some syntehics on G-
same as peneciline +borader spectrum
react to enxyme that maks bata-lactos ring
treat gonorrhea
Rifamphin bactrail ciadal
bind to DNA depreset RNA poly inhibit initionation of mRNA sytnehsys
common resistance
Quinolones bactiarl ciadal
bind to A subsuit of DNA gyrase prevent super coil
G+ cocci
resistance: common for halidixis acid develop for cipeflaxin
Sulonamides static
anolog of paramicobenxic acid inhibit dihydroperic acid
borad ragne G+, G-
comon resistance
Tripnethoirin staic

bind to dihydofolate inhbit tetrohydrofic acid
G+, G-

comon resistnace 

Para-aminosalicic acid PSA satic
similar to sulafa, speciice for mycobaitoins, tb
dapsone static
similar to sufla inhibit mycrolic acids
resitance devloped
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