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tinea versicolor
malassezia furfur (superficial)
dark spots on light colored skin

tinea versicolor (malassezia furfur)


(used in selsum blue shampoo)

spaghetti and meatballs on KOH
tinea versicolor (malassezia furfur)
fungi CW made of:
fungi CM has:
ergosterol (site of action for anti fungal drugs)
ergosterol is the site of:
action for azoles (ketoconazole, itraconazole
KOH shows hyphae
tinea (capitis, barbae, pedis, corporis)
tinea corporis
athletes foot
tinea pedis
rose gardener’s disease
sporothrix schenckii (subcutaneous)
cigar shaped OR daisy petal shaped yeast
sporothrix schenckii (subcutaneous)

broad based budding

(snowman appearance)

blastomyces dermatitidis (systemic)
mississippi and Ohio
blastomyces and histoplasmosis (both systemic/endemic)
LARGE spherule with endospore
coccidoides immitis
caused by inhaling arthrospores
coccidoides immitis
yeast INSIDE macrophages
bird or bat droppings
pilot’s wheel budding
paracoccidiodes brasiliensis
oval yeast with a single bud
opportunistic spores:
1. candida
2. aspergillus fumigatus
3.pneumocystic jirovicii
4. cryptococcosis neoformans
5. zygomycoses (mucor and rhizomes)
thrush (plaque in oral cavity)

thrush, (1) oval yeast w/ a single bud, (2) pseudohyphae, (3) germ tubes

skin lesions, chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, vaginitis

esophagitis, endocarditis, vaginitis
germ tubes
type 1 IgE hypersensitiviy reaction from aspergillis
“fungal ball”
aka aspergilloma. aspergillosis
TB cavity
septate V-shaped hyphae
aspergillosis fumigatus
ABPA by inhalation, septate V-shaped hyphae, fungus ball (aspergilloma) or TB cavity
cryptococcosis neoformans
most common cause of fungal meningitis
pigeon feces
polysaccharide capsule (only 1 w/ capsule)
india ink stains capsule
inhaled and spread via blood
fungal meningitis
cryptococcosis neoformans
pigeon feces
cryptococcosis neoformans
india ink stains capsule
cryptococcosis neoformans
polysaccharide capsule (only fungi w/ capsule)
cryptococcosis neoformans
zygomycoses (mucor and rhizomes)

mucormycosis diabetic ketoacidosis non-septate hyphae at right angles inhalation via airborne sporangiospores (in a sac)

cause rhinocerebral infection, cranial nerve palsy

diabetic ketoacidosis
zygomycoses (mucor and rhizomes)
inhalation via airborne sporangiospores (in a sac)
zygomycoses (mucor and rhizomes)
unbranched hyphae
non septate
candida effects:
skin lesions, mucocutaneous candidiasis, vaginitis
zygomycoses causes:

1. cranial nerve palsy

2. rhinocerebral infection

3. DKA

KOH dissolves everything on malessezia furfur except
yeast or hyphae wall
trichophyton schoenleinii:
(tinea favosa) highly infectious, many result in permanent hair loss
fungus affecting the toes
tinea unguium
ringworm affeting bare skin
tinea corporis
W1 antigen action and which fungi
blastomyces. sheds to act as IgG decoy
estrogen stimulates which and inhibits which fungi
stimulates coccidioides bc it produces an estrogen binding protein. DANGEROUS in 3rd-trimester preg. women

inhibits paracoccioides

SOWgp action and which fungi:
SOWgp produces a halo around the endospore using UREASE
which fungi has an IgA protease
accumulation of iron and calcium by which fungi:
GP43 is dominant antigen in which fungi:
southwest USA:
penicillum marneffei:
thick transverse septum; contagious lesions on the face and trunk
sordarin use and MoA;
anti fungal drug which inhibits EEF; used for pneumocystis jirovicii
which fungi produces melanin and hows it work
cryptococcus neoformans; melanin neutralizes the free radicals from the macrophage
griseofulvin MoA:
microtubule inhibitor that blocks cell division
mucicarmine stain:
sdetects capsular material- cryptococcus neoformans
stains acidic mucins
PAS stain:
stains glycogen and mucin; used for dermatophytes
GMS stain
stains silver; used for pneumocystis cairn
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