Micro ch 4 pro & euk cells

if peptidoglycan were damaged in a g-pos cell in hypertonic medium it?
would shrink
a series of ____ & ____ would be motility for a bacteria with flagella
runs & tumbles
bacteria with flagella over the entire surface of a cell is
a _____ protect a pathogenic bacteria from phagocytosis by a host
ER with robosmes attached to outer surace is the ?
Rough ER
Chemotaxis refers to?
the a ability to move toward or away from chemical stimuli
T or F… lipid A is found in the cell walls of g-pos bacteria
What is g-neg cells contain a _____ space rich in?
periplasmic space , rich in degradative enzymes
g-neg outer membrane contain enzymes for energy synthesis T or F
what type of memgrane transport is crucial if cells are placed in nutrient poor environment with low conc of sugar/amino acid?
activew transport
spherical bacteria that divide and remain attached in chainlike patterns are called?
T or F… g-neg cell wall has teichoic acids
Facilitated diffusion is a ____process and does or does not require energy?
passive process and does not require energy
active transport does or does not require energy
what structure is necessary for chemotaxis
where would you find DNA in a euk cell?
nucleus, mitochondria, and chloroplast NOT in ER
a fluid structure that allows membrane proteins to move freely is ?
cell membrane
acid-fast bacteria do or do not demonstrate unique staining properties because of the protein layer?
what is pen more effective agains?
pennicillian is more effective against gram pos
what is the endosymbiotic theory
eukaryotic organelles evolved from symbiotic prokaryotes
name 4 endomembrane systems
golgi app, ER, Lysosomes, vesicles
Endomembrane system manufatures?
process and transport lipids and protein
What is the purpose of the cytoskeleton?
stucture and framework
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