OCTC-Micro-Chapter 7

Genetics is the science of
heredity, inheritance, inheritable traits.
The genetic information (on the DNA) in a cell is called its
DNA—>RNA–>Protein is called what?
Central Dogma of Biology=set of beliefs
Define Genome
Sum of all the genetic material in a cell or virus
The Genome of an organism is the totality of its
genetic material (totality of DNA nucleotides)
A Genome is
All of the chromosomes and DNA sequences that an organism can possess.
A Genome is
Totality of DNA nucleotides
A Genome is
Totality of RNA nucleotides (virus)
Genome Includes:
all DNA or RNA nucleotides
segments of the DNA (chromosome) that code for products such as proteins and RNA.
1 Gene makes
1 protein
Nucleotide sequences
(genes) that code for polypeptides and proteins and nucleotides that code for RNA molecules
they are the A, T, C and G
The Genetic Code is the set of rules that determines-QOT
how a nucleotide sequence is converted into the amino acid sequence of a protein
Genetic Code = QOT
a complete set of triplets of mRNA nucleotides (called codons) that code for a specific amino acid
Degenercy of the code: QOT
More than one codon can code for the same amino acid
Genetic Code is almost universal for -QOT
eukaryotes and prokaryotes
Genetic Code =
a complete set of triplets of mRNA nucleotides called codons that code for a specific amino acid
The genome of most bacteria consists of
a single circular chromosome that carries all the genes essential for life.
DNA localized in region of cytoplasm called
Enzyme, gyrase, folds DNA into-QOT
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