What are the non-sporeforming anaerobes? sporeforming?
non-sporeforming: bacterioides- gram (-), actinomyces
sporeforming: clostridium
Where is bacterioides found?
normal flora of vagina and colon
What is the clinical picture of bacterioides infection?
intraabdominal infections: peritonitis, local abscesses
metastatic abscesses from hematogenous spread
lung abscess from aspiration
What is the virulence of bacterioides?
antiphagocytic capsule that is abscess promoting
enzymes: lipases, proteases, neuraminidase>promote abscess formation
catalase and SOD
endotoxin w/unusually low endotoxicity
What class of protein synthesis inhibitors is bacterioides resistant to?
What is the Tx of choice for all non-sporeforming anaerobes (excluding bacteroides)?
What is the morphology of actinomyces?
gram (+) rod, opportunist, filmaentous (resembles fungi), facultative IC, facultative or obligate anaerobe
Where are actinomyces found?
normal flora of mouth & GI
Which anaerobic organism is associated w/granulomas and pyogenic lesions?
lumpy jaw
Which anaerobic organism has an affinity for the brain?
What organism causes chronic suppurative destruction of CT?
What organism presents as yellow sulfur granules in the sputum?
What organism uses thioglycolate broth or brain heart infusion blood agar?
Where is clostridium perfringens found?
soil, water, sewage, normal flora of GI tract and female genital tract
What anaerobic organism presents w/pain, edema, cellulitis, and crepitation?
c. perfringens
What does c. perfringens cause?
pain, edema, cellulitis
severe necrotizing disease of intestines
What anaerobic organism has alpha toxin (a lecithinase) and other degrading enzymes that promote invasiveness?
c. perfringens
gram (+)
c tetani
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