transmission of mycobacterium leprae
prolonged contact w/resp secretions of lepromatous patients
children are more susceptible
incubation: 3-20 yrs
plaques on face, trunk, limbs
M. Leprae (tuberculoid)
nodular skin lesions w/abundant AFB
lepromatous m. leprae
thickening/loosening of face skin
lepromatous m. leprae
bullseye rash/erythema migrans
borella burgdorferi
morphology of borella burgdorferi
gran – spirochete
relapsing fever
borellia recurrentis, hermsii, turicicatae
ornithodorus tick
Cowdry’s Type A Inclusion Bodies
Tzanck smear w/multinuc giant cells
Tzanck smear w/multinuc giant cells
postherpetic neuralgia
chronic pain syndrome that develops after herpes zoster (shingles)
successive crops of lesions
Which virus replicates in the cytoplasm?
small pox
What 2 pox viruses infect man?
orthopoxvirus (small pox) and mollusciopoxvirus (Molluscum contagiosum)
wart-like growth in clusters
How can you differentiate between lesions of varicella zoster and variola virus?
varicella zoster lesions are in all different stages of development, and variola lesions are all in the same stage
What is unique about variola virus?
replicates in cytoplasm, encodes/carries all proteins needed for mRNA synthesis, all lesions are in the same stage of development
guarneri bodies
small pox
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