Intoduction to Pathophysiology Concepts

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Is the study of specific characteristics and functions of a living organism and its part.
T/F Pathophysiology is the study of abnormalities in physiologic functions of living beings.
T/F Pathophysiology is the physiology of altered health.
T/F Pathophysiology is the structural and functional changes in cells, tissues, and organs of the body that cause or are caused by disease.
T/F Pathophysiology is not the structural but the functional changes in cells, tissues, and organs of the body that are caused by disease.
T/F Pathophysiology is the physiology of health.
T/F Disease is a disruption of homeostasis.
T/F Disease is homeostasis.
T/F Disease is static rather than dynamic.
T/F Disease is dynamic rather than static
T/F Disease represents the sum of the deviations from normal.
What are the frameworks for Physiology?
Etiology, Pathogenesis, Clinical Manifestations, & Treatment Implications.
What is etiology?
Proposed causes or reasons for phenmona.
What is pathogenesis?
Proposed mechanisms whereby a disease leads to typically observed clinical manifestations.
What is Clinical Manifestations?
Describe the signs and symptoms of a particular pathology.
What are treatment implications?
Understanding the etiology, pathogenesis, and clinical manifestations manifestations may imply treatment.
T/F Etiology is the classification of disease.
What is the problem with Idiopathic?
We do not know the cause.
90 percent of Hypertension is..
Definition of Inherited?
Altered or mutated genes.
Example of Inherited pathology?
Sickle cell anemia.
Example of altered pathology?
Down syndrome
Example of congetial pathology?
Cleft lip. Webbing of hands.
Definition of congential pathology.
Prenatal influences.
Definition of metabolic.
Abnormalities in bogy chemistry.
Example of metabolic pathology.
Example of Degenerative etiology
Example of Immunologic etiology
Definition of degenerative etiology.
breakdown in tissue.
Definition of Neoplastic etiology.
Definition of immunologic etiology.
Alternation in body protection.
Definition of infectious etiology.
Caused by pathogens.
Definition of induced by physical agents.
Toxic or destructive chemicals.
Definition of nutritional deficiency
Deficiencies in nutrients.
Definition of Iatrogenic
Caused by unintended medical treatment.
Definition of psychogenic.
Emotional or mental causes.
Definition of Idiopathic
Undetermined cause.
What is pathogenesis?
How the disease process evolves- sequence of cellular and tissue events.
T/F Pathogensis is the development of a disease from the initial stimulus to the manifestations of the disease.
Pathogensis is the __________ of a disease from the initial stimuls to the manifestations of the disease.
What are factors affecting Pathogenesis?
Time, Quantity, Location, Morphogic Changes
T/F Time, Quantity, Location, and Morphologic changes are factors affecting Pathogensis.
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