Business Law and the Legal Environment of Business Chapter 2

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How people ought to act
Chapter 2 Exam Review
The law that dictates how a person must behave. Ethics governs how people should behave
Life Principles
Life Principles are the the rules by which you live your life. If you develop these Life Principles now, you will be prepared when facing ethical dilemmas in the future
Why bother acting ethical at all?
society as a whole benefits from ethical behavior
people feel better when they behave ethically
unethical behavior can be very costly
ethical behavior is more likely to pay off
Utilitarianism v Deotological ethics
Utilitarian thinkers believe that moral actions produce the greatest good for the greatest number. Deotological thinkers such as Immanuel Kant argue that, when assessing whether a decision is the most ethical choice, the end result is immaterial. Kantian thinker believe that moral choices must be made for sound reasons, and that decisions motivated by a sense of duty of a respect for human dignity are particularly ethical.
Personal vs Work Ethics
Should you apply your personal ethics in the workplace, or should you have different ethical values at home and at work?
Purpose of Corporations
Is the primary role of corporations to make money, or do companies have responsibilities to workers, communities, customers, and other stakeholders?
Ethics Overseas
What ethical duties does an American manager owe to stakeholders in countries where the culture and economic circumstances are very different? Should American companies (and consumers) buy goods that are produced in sweatshop factories?
When, if ever, is lying acceptable?
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