Change Management: CSOBs: Describe Lewins change management model; Explain Lewin’s Force Field analysis; Distinguish between the five key strategies to achieve change. ASOBs: Justify the leader’s role in the change management process.

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Driving Forces
push in a particular direction to produce change
Restraining Forces
Act to restrain or decrease the driving forces and inhibit change.
Lewin’s Change Model
Unfreezing, Changing, Refreezing
Kurt Lewin Force Field Analysis
Driving and Restraining forces oppose each other with the current state being at the center.
Changing process
Understanding the knew process, beginning to move forward with recent guidance.
5 Stratagies to Achieve Change
Participation- get people involved in change behavioral modification- mandate if required with suspenses etc.
Time allowance- how important is it
Group dynamics- know who you’re working with
As leaders, seeing things through to the end and ensuring that processes have been implemented.
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