Change Management-Unit 1: Organizational Change:

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Doctor ________
Holger Sommergeldt
Organization change is not:
-Not about ______ change(more the domain of psychology, leadership, etc)
-Not about creating new _______ (more the domain of entrepreneurship, innovation, etc.)
-Focus on what is happening inside existing _______ and in their _______
-organizations, environment
Organizational Change is: Organizations are social entities formed to achieve _________
collective goals
Organizational Change is: Organizations perform tasks through routine processes thriving for ______
Organizational Change is: ________ means permanently altering patterns or organization behavior
organizational change
Reasons why organizations have to change:
-strategic drift
-need to adapt
______- the internal and external environment of organizations change constantly
strategic drift
________- this poses threats to survival and opportunities to thrive
need to adapt
_______- that creates the need to change
Organizations change to ________
________- competition, customer, behavior, politics, economy, society, technology
shifting environment
________- new products, new markets, new business models.
strategic renewal
________- tasks, structure, politics, meaning
organizational change
In the headlines this week:
-____ or ____?
-_______ losses?
-New ______?
-New _____?
-merger, takeover
________ is difficult
organizational change
______ (1996) “Leading Change”:
John Kotter
John Kotter “Leading Change”: only __% of transformation programs succeeded
______(2008): survey of 3199 executives
McKinsey: survey of _____ executives; only _____ transformation in _______ succeeds
3199, 1, 3
According to __________(2012), average time companies stay on the Fortune 500 list is ____ years
Strangler and Ablesman, 40
_______ force companies to change in order to survive
turbulent environments
___% of all organizational change projects fail
Even the the ______ and most ______ firms only survive about 40 years on the Fortune 500
larges, successful
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