Chapter 13 Strategic Change Management

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What makes change so difficult for organizations?
-environmental pressures mount where structures to improve quality, lower costs, and meet the needs of key stakeholders.
-w/o proper management of change process, resistance often arises among key stakeholders which hinders change.
Why must an organization prepare for each phase of change?
-phases of strategic change are interconnected
-3 phases
–unfreeze: recognize need for change, communicate mission/vision, instill sense of urgency, build coalition for change
–change: identify resistance, remove obstacles, achieve short-term wins
–refreeze: anchor changes in culture and processes
Who might be some of the key stakeholders an organization should address in a change effort?
-understand basis for action
-be dissatisfied with the status quo to build a sense of urgency
-live the mission and move forward to achieve the vision
What actions might an organization take if leaders diagnose that it is not prepared for change?
-efforts should be made to align organizational stakeholders before and during strategic change efforts
-support of same goals and actions to build desired outcomes
Why does resistance to organizational change arise so frequently?
-orgs. wait until a crisis occurs to engender a sense of urgency
–change during prosperity and strength
-natural reaction to change
-systematic evaluation to determine level of resistance and effectively manage it.
–find origin
Why are short-term wins often necessary?
-provide motivation and demonstrate success
-long term strategic efforts are still reachable and diminish the influence of critics.
-wins must be visible, real, meaningful, and achievable.
How can change be anchored in an organization’s culture and process?
-communicate success within organization (inspire)
-recognition of achievements
-use of checklists/audits to identify important actions and engender accountability.
How can checklists and audits help ensure that change has taken place?
-engage employee in change effort
-keep managers focused on embedding change
-data generated must be clear and concise where results are made to the public.
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