Course 15B – change management

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Elements of Adaptability
Cognitive, Emotional, and Dispositional Flexibilities — Must exhibit at least two of the three to reach an effective level of adaptability (Unit Manager)
Cognitive Flexibility
Ability to use different thinking strategies and mental frameworks (Unit Manager)
Emotional Flexibility
Ability to vary your approach to dealing with your own and others emotions (Unit Manager)
Dispositional Flexibility
Ability to remain optimistic and at the same time realistic (Unit Manager)
Change Management Roles
Sponsors, Agents, and Targets (Unit Manager)
Change Management Roles – Sponsors
Initiate the change (Unit Manager)
Change Management Roles – Agents
Implementing the change initiated by a change sponsor (Unit Manager)
Change Management Roles – Target
Key players affected by the change (Unit Manager)
Mayo’s Four Levels of Change
Knowledge, Attitude, Individual Behavior, Group Behavior (Unit Manager)
Mayo’s Four Levels of Change – Knowledge
Easiest change to bring as it is the result of reading an article or hearing something (Unit Manager)
Mayo’s Four Levels of Change – Attitude
Emotional part of the change — reactions to what is happening (Unit Manager)
Mayo’s Four Levels of Change – Individual Behavior
Teaching an old dog new tricks — changing a specific individuals old habits (Unit Manager)
Mayo’s Four Levels of Change – Group Behavior
We’ve always done it this way! — changing a groups habits (Unit Manager)
The Change Process
Unfreezing, Change, Refreezing (Unit Manager)
The Change Process – Unfreezing
Getting people to recognize the need for change (Unit Manager)
The Change Process – Change
The movement from the old norm to the new norm (Unit Manager)
The Change Process – Refreezing
Locking in the change (Unit Manager)
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