The Kurt Lewin Change Management Model

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Kurt Lewin
-emigrated from Germany in 1930’s
-founder of social psychology
3 stages of theory
1. Unfreeze
2. Change
3. Freeze (or Refreeze)
1. Unfreeze
1. getting ready to change
-getting to point of understanding that change is necessary
-getting ready to move away from comfort zone
-preparing yourself or others before change
-ideally creates a situation where we want change
->urgency & need for change= >motivation for change
2. Force field analysis
-weighing pros & cons & deciding if pro’s outnumber cons
->pros= make change
-move toward change
2. Change (Transition)
-process (not event)
-transition: inner movement or journey toward change
-changes made
-people are unfrozen & moving toward new way of being
-often hardest (people unsure or fearful)
-support important (training, coaching, & expecting mistakes)
-role models & allow ppl to make their own solutions will help change process
-keep communicating a clear picture of desired change & benefits= don’t loose sight
3. Freeze (Refreezing)
-establishing stability once changes have been made
-changes accepted= become new norm
-new relationships & become comfortable w/ routines
-can take time
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