WJEC ICT: Topic 7 – Change Management

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Why does the implementation of new IT systems cause challenges for organisations?
New systems can have dramatic and far-reaching consequences that are difficult to anticipate. The organisation may have to change its structure, make employees redundant, or require employees to retrain or relocate.
Change Management
is the strategies of senior managers to ensure that the introduction of a new IT system is successful. This includes helping employees understand and appreciate the benefits it will bring.
Describe three consequences/fears of implementing a new IT system that are likely to be a cause of stress to employees.
– Potential job losses as IT system performs tasks that were previously an employee’s responsibility
– Mandatory retraining
– More IT skills needed – may not suit all staff
– Expansion of role & responsibilities- working with the new system- might not involve more pay
– Fewer responsibilities, less job satisfaction – employees may feel their job has been downgraded.
– New operational procedures – may make staff take on extra responsibilities for no extra money
– New organisational structure/location – office space requirements are reduced so need smaller premises with reductions in rents, rates, utility bills.
– Change in work patterns, for example to cover night for a 24×7 business.
– Split shifts or change of hours or night work, 24/7. Means that they are not able to work with the same people that they have worked with before/ new hours might not fit in with their family commitments
Describe two things that managers could do to help employees benefit, and lessen the fear from the new IT system.
– Provide appropriate training to ensure all staff understand the new system and what they are expected to do.
– Highlight the opportunity to learn new skills and improve job prospects.
– Show how the new system will make their role more efficient, or more interesting.
– Keeping social groups together / not disrupt working relationships – less stress / work together as a team.
– Opportunity to learn new skills – enable staff to improve their job prospects.
Describe two things that managers could do to reduce employees’ resistance to new IT systems.
– Communicate with staff to stop rumours and give people the opportunity to express their concerns.
– Involve staff in the development of the new system. For example, ask for advice on ease-of-use.
– Try to avoid disrupting productive working relationships.
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