10 army core leader competencies

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core competency # 1
leads others
builds trust
extends influence beyond the chain of command
leads by example
creates a positive environment
prepares self
develops others
stewards the profession
gets results
what do core leader competencies do
provide a clear and consistent way of conveying the expectations for army leaders
#1 leads others
gains commitment to do what needs to be done from unit members
#2 builds trust
brings the best out in others & sets conditions for teamwork
#3 extends influence beyond chain of command
work is accomplished outside the unit through positive relationships
( networking )
#4 leads by example
co-workers learn what to be, know do, from the leader
#5 communicates
understanding in the unit is improved from the leaders sharing of information
#6 creates a positive environment
positive teamwork & psychologically healthy climate
#7 prepares self
leader squared away for duties & engages in continual self development
#8 develops others
supports the development of others knowledge, capabilities & readiness
#9 stewards the profession
good stewardship to resources, shows commitment to the professional strength of the army
#10 gets results
gets the job done with appropriate adjustments and applications of manpower
what are the three categories of competencies
define leads
-leads others
-extends influence beyond the chain of command
-leads by example
define develops
-creates a positive environment
-prepares self
-develops leaders
define achieves
-gets results
– provide direction, guidance & priorities
-develop and execute plans
-accomplish tasks consistently
what are the three attributes
define character
-army values
-warrior ethos
define presence
-military & professional bearing
define intellect
-mental agility
-sound judgment
-interpersonal tact
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