define servant leadership, give an example of the servant leader, highlight a least 5 characteristics of a Servant Leader

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Servant first (focused on helping others)
-consaours choice brings one to inspire to lead
-identify and meet the needs of others
Difference between a leader first and servant leader?
Servant leader ensures other peoples highest prority needs are being served. E.g employees, customers and community.
-Loving and helping others gives a servant-leader meaning and satisfaction.
-Servant leaders are different in that they are motivated to make life better for others, not just themselves.
-Really difference is in focus and motivation
10 Characteristics of servant leader:
1. Listening 2. Empathy 3. Awareness 4. Persuasiam 5. Commitment
Example: Takeshi Oishi
Was an educator and spent 40 years as a teacher
Became a member of government committee that studied social issues.
When retired: found land to build homes for mentally disabled
Found and convinced owners to donate
When he died:
50 of the residents attend his funeral to pay respects to the man whom gave and supplied them each with a home
Oishi was a servant leader whom idenified and met the special needs of others
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