Leadership Styles

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the ability to influence others.
leadership style in which the leader makes all decisions on their own with little or no input from others.
also known as democratic leadership; the leader encourages group participation.
Laissez Faire
also known as delegative leadership: French term referring to the non-interference in the business of others.
leadership style occurring in groups in which no one takes a leadership position.
Verbal Communication
form of communication we are most familiar with ; occurs when you speak or are spoken to.
Non-verbal Communication
occurs in tandem with verbal communication: allows expression of thoughts and feelings without speaking.
Body Language
form of nonverbal communication including posture and hand gestures.
Facial Gestures
form of nonverbal communication which aids in identifying the tone of what you’re saying; includes smiling
Electronic Media
newest form of communication; includes e-main and text messaging.
Group Dynamics
the study of how an organization’s members work together and achieve a common goal.
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