Leadership Theories

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Situational Leadership
Effective leadership is determined by the leader, based upon certain variables
Contingency Theory
Environment determines which style of leadership is best suited for the situation
Great Man Theory
Leadership was thought of primarily as a male quality, especially in terms of military leadership and great leaders are born, not made.
Trait Theory
Leadership is inherent -great leaders are born, not made. The Great Man Theory is a type of this theory.
Participative Leadership
The theory that the best leaders take into account the input of others, encouraging their participation to contribute to the decision making process
Transactional Leadership
Leadership is based on a system of rewards and punishments
Transformational Leadership
This theory focuses on the connections made between leaders and followers and carries the belief that leaders should motivate and inspire
Behavioral Theory
This theory focuses on the actions of leaders, not on personalities or characteristics they possess; the belief is that a person can become an effective leader through observation, teaching and experience. Great leaders are made, not born.
George Washington
Trait and Great Man
Bill Gates
Football Captain
Coach and/or Captain
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