Relational Leadership Model

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Committed to a goal or activity, Finding common purpose with others, Being aware of the vision helps make sure your activities are in line with what your ultimate purpose is
Working toward positive change.
Understanding, valuing, and actively engaging diversity in:
Views, Approaches or Styles, and Aspects of individuality

Developing the strengths and talents of the group members so they can help work toward group goals

2 dimensions:
Sense of self that expects to be involved and claims ownership and a place in the process

Set of environmental conditions that promote the full
involvement of participants by reducing barriers

Involves sharing power

Leadership driven by values and standards

Most people expect leaders to do the right thing

Involves leadership for a higher purpose than just self

Leadership is good and by nature

How a group goes about being a group, remaining a group, and accomplishing a group’s purpose

Recruitment & involvement of group members, how a group makes decision, how it handles tasks, how it handles conflict

Process is intentional (not accidental)

“How” is just as important as the “what”

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