Renaissance Leaders

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Henry VII
Marries gal from the House of York (War of Roses ends-new era begins)a. First Tudor monorch
Henry VIII
Young and lusty-wants an heir/needs divorce (Catherine)/chops off some heads(Anne Boleyn, Katherine)
Edward VI
(Cousin)-no heir
Mary I
Henry VIII’s 1st wife’s child (loves Catholics)
Elizabeth I
Henry VIII’s 2nd wife’s child (Protestant)
James I
Elizabeth’s cousin (King of Scotland-1st of England)
Charles I
James’ son
Oliver Cromwell
Puritan Strength-chops off another head for religious reasons
Cardinal Wolsey
Adviser to Henry VIII, tried to get divorce for Henry and Catherine
Martin Luther
Criticizes Catholic Church, reformed modern church
Thomas Cromwell
Convinces Henry VIII that church should listen to him
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