9 Facets of Project Management

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Integration Management
Overarching PM process. Compilation of processes to ensure smooth overall project flow to reach objectives. Includes planning, co-ordination and management of all project processes and elements.
Scope Management
Ensuring only necessary work is included in project plan. Defines what falls within and what should be excluded from project scope.
Time management
Assessing work to be done and analyzing time required to do it. Management of timelines, deadlines and expectations. Determining sequencing of activities.
Cost Management
Management of project costs to ensure remain within budget
Quality Management
Quality control and quality assurance to ensure deliverables meet standard.
Human Resources Management
Effective and impactful use of staff. Cohesive and unified project team working toward common goal.
Communication Management
Planning, collection, creation, distribution and performance reporting. Management of knowledge and information.
Risk Management
Preparing for perceived risk. Planning, identification, analysis, responses, monitoring and controlling on a project.
Stakeholder Management
Identifying the people that could impact/be impacted by the project. Meaningfully and carefully manage relationships and engagement.
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