Chapter 22: Project Management (R)

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What are important differences between software project management and other types of project management?
~The product [software] is intangible.
~There are no standard software processes.
~Large software projects are often one-off projects.
List 4 fundamental project management activities.
~Project planning.
~Reporting, Risk management.
~People management.
~Proposal writing.
What are three related categories of risk?
~Project risks.
~Product risks.
~Business risks.
Suggest 4 risks that may threaten the success of a software project?
~staff turnover.
~management change.
~requirements change.
~technology change.
~hardware unavailability.
~product competition.
~specification delays.
~size underestimate.
~CASE tool under-performance.
Give 2 examples of technology risks that may arise in a software project.
~The system database cannot process as many transactions as expected;
~Reused software components are defective.
What is involved in risk monitoring?
Regularly assessing the project risks to decide whether or not the risks are becoming more or less probable and whether the effects of the risks have changed.
What are the four critical factors in people management?
What are the different levels in the human needs hierarchy?
~Physiological needs.
~Safety needs.
~Social needs.
~Esteem needs.
~Self-realization needs.
What factors might be considered when selecting people for a software development team?
~Domain experience.
~Platform experience.
~Programming language experience.
~Problem solving ability.
~Educational background.
~Communication ability.
What are the key factors that influence the effectiveness of group communications?
~Group size.
~Group structure.
~Group composition.
~The physical work environment.
~The available communication channels.
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