Project Management Overview

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Define Activities
A planning process in the Time Management Knowledge Area
Develop Project Charter
An Initiating process in the integration Management Knowledge Area
Perform Quality Assurance
An Executing process in the Quality Management Knowledge Area
Manage Communications
An Executing process in the Communications Management Knowledge Area
Control Procurements
A Monitoring & Controlling process in the Procurement Management Knowledge Area
Which statements are true of the relationship between project life cycle stages and the phases in a project
-The starting, organizing and preparing, and closing project life cycle stages tend to have aligning phases
-The project life cycle is made up of all the project phases.
-The stage of carrying out project work does not align with a single phase – many phases may occur during this stage, depending on the nature of the project.
Knowledge Areas
-Integration Management
-Communications Management
-Scope Management
-Risk Management
-Time Management
Which statement correctly describes the Project Management Institute, PMI, and its role in the project management profession?
-It is the leading association for the project management profession
-It sets standards and provides information and resources for project managers
-It provides the only globally recognized certification for project managers
What key roles does the PMBOK Guide have in the project management profession?
-It documents the project management principles of PMI
-It guides project managers by providing them with methods that are considered best practice.
In a project to plan and build a new theme park, what are examples of the characteristics of the project life cycle?
-Uncertainty is highest at the start, before detailed planning and construction work begins
-layout of the park is easy to alter during planning but very expensive to alter once construction has already started
-The most resources are needed to help with the construction of the park.
Which statements correctly describe the characteristics of project phases?
-They each end with the transfer of a deliverable
-They end at points where it’s logical to assess a project before continuing with it
-They usually occur in sequence, one at a time
Which statements correctly describe the iterative nature of project management process Groups
-Initiating processes and Closing processes don’t repeat in a single project phase
-Monitoring & Controlling processes are repeated from start to finish of a project or phase
-Planning and executing processes continue to repeat until all project work has been carried out.
A company that produces exercise machines wants to create a new exercise bike for selling to fitness centers.

Which statements correctly describe the relationship between the product and project life cycles?

– The company can choose to develop, market, oversee, and then decommission the exercise bike as a single-phase project.

– The project for developing the exercise bike can form part of the product’s life cycle

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