Project Management Process Groups

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Project management processes
-Controlling the project schedule
-Planning communications with stakeholders
-Awarding a tender to the engineering company that will design and build the ride
Product-oriented processes
-Installing the fencing and signage for the ride
-Assembling the ridge at its new site
– Testing the passenger safety restraints
What statements best represent the relationship between a project’s processes, and organizational process assets and enterprise environmental factors?
-Existing organizational process assets can be tailored for use in a specific project
-Enterprise environmental factors typically constrain a project’s processes
Objectives of the Closing process Group
-To formally close the project or phase
-To finalize all project activities
You’re working on a project to build a new cafeteria for a college. Recently, the project sponsor asked that student body representatives be included in the monthly project feedback meetings.

In this context, which activities fall under the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group.

-Processing the request to include student body representatives in the feedback meetings.
-keeping track of changes to project management plan that have arisen from the feedback meetings, to make sure that they are included in future project work.
You’re the project manger at a construction company that’s been contracted to build low-cost housing as part of the city’s disaster relief campaign.

Which activities would you perform during project execution?

-Supervising the construction schedule
-Documenting resource requirements information as work continues, which will be used to update the plan for managing human resources
-Recommending that the plan be changed so that an extra team can be hired to work at night, when work falls behind schedule.
You’ve been working on an advertising project aiming to re brand a popular airline company as an industry leader in terms of environmental and social responsibility

Which activities form part of project closure?

-Conducting project performance reviews at the end of the project
-Recording improvements you’ve made to the design process so you’ll remember to use them for any similar projects
-Creating a database of airline industry information, which can be referred to in the future.
Which documents are outputs of the Initiating Process Group?
– Project Charter
-Stakeholder register
Which statements correctly describe project planning?
-Planning processes are coordinated and take place across the Knowledge Areas
-Planning activities take place throughout the project life cycle
-the key output of the Planning Process Group is the project management plan
A tire manufacturer is developing a new product that will revolutionize road safety standards. However, the company’s primary rubber supplier has recently announced that they are going out of business, and a new supplier has to be identified.

Which statements describe how this may impact the project management process?

-The project manager must conduct a careful analysis of how the change in supplier will impact all the project management Processes Groups
-A delay in planning and conducting procurements may have a ripple effect that impacts the project budget and schedule
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