Project Management Text Book

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What is project management?
Project management involves applying skills, knowledge, and established project management tools and techniques to a project to fulfill the requirements to the customer’s satisfaction
What are some of the benefits of a projectized organization?
Ultimate authority over the project and that the focus of the organization is on project work
What are the five program management process groups?
Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing
Name three of the things that you’ll accomplish during the Planning process.
Define project deliverables, define project activities and estimates, and publish the scope statement
Name three of the things that you’ll accomplish during the Executing process.
Developing, leading, and directing the project team, communicating project progress, and implementing quality assurance procedures
Which project management process is the one most often skipped?
The Closing process
Name at least three criteria for determining whether your work assignment is a project.
The project has definite beginning and ending dates, it’s temporary in nature, it produces a unique product or service, and resources are dedicated to the work of the project
What is the definition of a constraint?
Anything that restricts or dictates the actions of the project team
Name the triple constraints and other common competing demands.
The triple constraints are scope schedule, and budget. Risk, quality, resources, and customer satisfaction are other examples of competing demands or constraints
What does it mean when a person has a PMP?
PMP stands for Project Management Professional. PMPs are people who have received certification in project management processes from the Project Management Institute
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