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Define project.
Series of activities/tasks
– temporary endeavor undertaken to create unique product or service
– usually a one-time activity with a well defined set of desired results
What are six elements of a project?
-broken into tasks/steps
-specific objective completed within certain specifications
-defined start/end
-has funding limits
-human/nonhuman resourced
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What is an overview?
-summarize the problems and objectives
-gives major milestones
What are the objectives?
-detailed statements of a projects goals, from both a competitive and technical perspective
What is a general approach?
-how a project will be approached, both from a managerial and technical standpoint
What are contractural aspects?
-reporting requirements, customer’s supply of resources, manage agreements, technical deliverables, specifications, delivery
What do schedules include?
-milestones, list of actions with estimated durations, master schedule
What can resources include?
What does the personnel section of a good project plan encompass?
-number of people and the skills/training required for the specific project
What are evaluation methods?
-standards to evaluate projects against; include contingency plan
What does the potential problems section of a good project plan encompass?
-includes problems that should be addressed; have contingency
Define activity
specific task(s) required by a project that use up resources and take time to complete
Define event
result of one or more activities; identifiable end state occurring at a particular time, use no resources
arrangement of all activities in a project in a logical sequence, represented by arcs and nodes
series of connected activities between any two events in a network
activities, events, or paths which, if delayed, will delay completion of the project
precedence network
network of connected activities represented by boxes connected by arrows that show order in which tasks must be accomplished, as well as how long it will take
What is the acronym for remembering the elements of a good project plan?
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