Chapter 17: Team Building and Team Training

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What are some of the different definitions of team building?
Problem solving process that focuses on what keeps team from being effective, changes to improve effectiveness, and what is team already doing effectively…uses 3 tactics, task focus, take a group process or relationship, structural approach to develop rules and norms. Making sure team has common goals and develops strong sense of belonging.
What are some reasons why organization do not use team building?
Requires examination of the organizational context of team, effective teamwork requires supportive organizational environment, focus on financial issues instead of teamwork, managers dont understand benefits of team building,
What are the criteria of effective teams and the symptoms of ineffective teams?
Effective teams have clear goals and values, understand roles, trust climate, open communication, full participation, supportive leaders. Ineffective teams have loss of production, more complaints, confusion about assignments, misunderstood decisions, and high dependency on leader.
What are the main types of team building activities?
goal setting, role definitions, interpersonal process skills, cohesion building, problem soving
What skills are taught in teamwork training programs?
interpersonal skills. task related skills like teamwork and knowledge. undesrstanding of roles and skills of members. new skills to be transferred to work environment.
What factors relate to the effectiveness of teamwork training?
where the training occurs, a time lag between training and when opportunities arise to use skills, supervisor support.
What are the main types of teamwork training?
TEAM RESOURCE MANAGEMENT so team can operate without error under stress, provides feedback, focuses on specific teamwork. CROSS TRAINING – increase flexibility of team members, learn roles of others, improve coordination and interconnections. ACTION LEARNING – participation in problem solving activities to develop teamwork skills and solve organizational problems
How does action learning develop and improve teams in an organization?
Most learning occurs when people deal with real life issues, self managed learning, generating knowledge/finding solutions/evaluating results, encourages experimentation.
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