team building

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Ice Breaker
A phrase or saying used to start a conversation.
Activities used to enhance social bonds between teammates.
Exercises used to boost a person’s abilities.
A goal that can be reached.
Something that is possible or within reason.
Goal Setting
Setting a point that you can reach for personal gain.
Long Term Goals
futurist goals more than week in the future.
Short Term Goals
Goals that are relatively easy or do not take much time to complete.
Life Changing
Something that can change your perspective on life.
“Stepping Stones”
Points you may take to reach your goal easier.
1st step of team building: Roles and purposes are unclear; leader directs what needs to be done.
2nd step of team building: Members of the team attempt to establish roles in the group; power struggles may occur
3rd step of team building: Roles are established and agreements begin to form; discussions of processes also occur
4th and final step of team building: Team now knows what it is doing and is now at work; members should now have to be instructed.
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