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What is a team oriented environment?
An environment that has a sense of unity, where everyone is concerned with achieving a common goal.
What are some risks of teamwork?
A lack of improvement, a loss of trust, and decreased morale, and more cynical people are all risks of teamwork.
Why is it important to know your team members individual skills?
To have the most effective team, you want people with various skill sets and experiences.
Why should you explain strategy to your team members?
It is important for people to understand their individual role and the leaders overall plan in order to unify everyone together
What are group decided norms for behavior?
These are behavior guidelines that the group has decided upon.
Why would a leader want to empower the people helping them?
By empowering people, you help them be the best that they can be.
Why is it important to have open communication?
This helps to resolve and address any conflicts that arise.
What is “social” team building?
The purpose of this activity is to get team members to know each other better.
What are “skill” team building activities?
These activities are designed to teach a specific skill.
What are “soft” team building activities?
Soft skills are character traits that enable you to work well with others.
If you wanted to work on improving problem solving skills, you could play…
the great egg drop
What is a way to give people “time with the boss”?
Face to Face Meetings
What are characteristics of a coach?
Pushing everyone to their limit, telling everyone how to do it, celebrating accomplishments
How do good leaders make decisions?
Gather information, get input, make an informed decision
To be an effective team leader, what should you do?
Provide time with the boss, unexpected thank yous, formal job reviews, and opportunities for growth
What is an essential element to all team building activities?
Team building activities need to be engaging and fun!
Trust exercises can be difficult to complete because why?
People have different comfort levels and trust levels.
Why do people use teamwork?
Several people working together efficiently are more effective than one individual.
What does cultivate mean?
To foster growth.
What is morale?
The feelings of enthusiasm and loyalty that a person or group has about a task or job.
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