Team Building

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1. Differentiate among the four stages of group growth
• Forming, Norming, Storming, Performing (FNSP)
What is a group?
• Group = people in gaggle/ no cohesion, direction, purpose
What is a team?
• Team = unified, camaraderie, performance, individual tasks
Identify the characteristics of effective teams (5)
• Trust, confidence, communication, clearly defined roles & goals
2. What differentiates a team from a group?
Teams Have
• Stronger sense of identification
• Common goals/tasks
• Member & task interdependence
• Differentiated & specialized roles
4. Identify the principles of effective teams
• Clear/direct, be concise, listen actively, avoid interrupting
Which stage has feelings of: excitement, anticipation, optimism, wariness, uncertainty, guardedness
Which stage has behaviors of: decide what’s acceptable, establish trust, no clear focus/problem, answer q/complaints
Feelings of acceptance, bonding, conformity, cooperation, confiding, common goals –> part of which stage?
Which stage has feelings of: consensus → resistance, individual team members/personalities, chance for success
Which stage has behaviors: arguing, competing bid for power, disagree w leader’s approach, testing boundaries
Which stage has feelings of: insightfulness twd others, satisfaction twds group’s progress
Which stage has behaviors: constructive self-change, conflict management, teamwork
Leader opinions silent initially, form subgroups, bring in outside experts, assign team critics, allow second-chance visit of an issue.
How to overcome groupthink?
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