Negotiation-Chapter 14-Research on Gender Difference in Negotiation

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three ways that negotiators benefit from understanding role of individual differences:
1-There are many situations in which the manager has the opportunity to choose a negotiator from multiple candidates.
2- we can link some individual differences to liabilities or disadvantages that can be compensated for through awareness and concerted effort.
3-grasp of benefits and drawbacks of relevant individual difference can help the negotiator diagnose the other party’s talents, tendencies, and limits, and adjust strategy and tactics accordingly.
refers to the biological categories of male and female.
refers to cultural and psychological markers of the sexes-the aspects of role or identity (rather than biology) that differentiate between men from women in a given culture or society.
Several important factors affect how men and women approach negotiations
1-Relational view of others-women are more aware of the complete relationship among the parties.
2-Embedded view of agency-women tend not to draw strict boundaries between negotiating and other aspects of their relationships.
3-Beliefs about ability and worth-men expect to earn more than women over the course of their career.
4-Control through empowerment-women are more,likely to seek empowerment where there is interaction among all parties in the relationship to build connection and enhance everyone’s power.
5-Problem solving through dialogue-Men, use dialogue a-to convince the other party that their position is the correct one
b-to support various tactics and ploys that are used to win points during the discussion.
6-Perceptions & sterotypes
Five cognitive and behavioral processes where there are gender differences:
1-Men and women conceive of negotiations in different ways
2-Men and women communicate differently in negotiation-women more likely to be to contentious or hostile in virtual negotiations than in face to face.
3-Men and women are treated differently in negotiations
4-Similar tactics have different effects when using men versus women.
5-Gender stereotypes affect negotiator performance.
Overcoming liabilities
1-motivational interventions
2-cognitive interventions
3-Situational interventions
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