Chapter 15: Closing the Sale

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closing the sale
obtaining an agreement to buy from the customer
buying signals
things customers do or say to indicate a readiness to buy
trial close
an initial effort to close a sale
which close
encourages a customer to make a decision between two items
standing-room-only close
used when product is in short supply or when the price will be going up in the near future.
direct close
method in which you ask for the sale
service close
closing method in which you explain services that overcome obstacles and problems
suggestion selling
selling additional goods or services to the customer
customer relationship management
finding customers and keeping them satisfied
Rules for Closing the Sale
recognize closing opportunities, help customers make a decision, create an ownership mentality, do not talk too much and do not rush
Specialized Methods for Closing the Sale
which close, standing-room-only close, direct close, service close
Rules for Suggestion Selling
1. Use suggestion selling after the customer has made a commitment to buy but before payment is made or the order written.
2. Make your recommendation from the customer’s point of view and give at least one reason for your suggestion.
3. Make the suggestion definite.
4. Show the item you are suggesting.
5. Make the suggestion Positive.
Suggestion Selling Methods
offering related merchandise, recommending larger quantities, calling attention to special sales opportuniies
After-Sales Activities
order processing, departure, order fulfillment, follow-up, customer service, keeping a client file, evaluate your sales efforts
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