Biology Test – Scientific method, life, inorganic chemistry

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organ system – 8
a group of organs working together to perform a function.
example: respiratory, digestive, and skeletal system
species – 10
a group of similar organisms that can reproduce to form fertile offspring
molecule – 2
atoms bonded together
cell – 5
smallest unit showing all characteristics of life
biosphere – 14
all of the ecosystems of a planet
multi-cellular organism – 9
a living being made up of organ systems working together
macromolecule – 3
large molecule made up of small molecules bonded together
atom – 1
smallest unit of matter with unique properties
community – 12
all the populations of different species in a defined area
example: hawk, snake, bison. dog, grass
organ – 7
several types of tissues working together for one function
organelle – 4
cell parts with a special function
ecosystem – 13
all living and nonliving parts of a defined area
example: hawk, snake, bison, dog, grass, stream, rocks, air
tissue – 6
a group of cells performing the same function
example: nervoud tissues
population – 11
the individuals of a species living in a defined area
example: bison herd
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