Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry study

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A positevely charged particle made up of two protons and two neutrons and released by a radioactive nucleus
Alpha Particle
An electron released by a radioactive nucleus that causes a neutron to change into a proton
Beta Particle
The amount of time for half the atoms in a radioactive sample to decay
Half Life
The process in which the nuclei of unstable atoms can become more stable by emitting particles and/or electromagnetic radiation
Nuclear Decay
High-energy electromagnetic radiation released by a radioactive nucleus
Gamma Radiation
the changing of an atom into another kind of atom that takes place during radioactive decay
In a fission reaction of Uranium-235____are reactants as well as products in the process
Alpha Radiation
is the steady stream of positively, negatively charged particles
Beta Radiation
is actually a stream of positevely, negatively charged particles
Whenever an element undergoes____ _____ ____ decay it turns into another element with an atomic number two less tahn before and a mass number four less than before
Alpha Beta Gamme
During ___ ___ ___ decay, a neutron in the nucleus decays into a proton and electron
a, B, y
The more stable a nucleus is, the_____ its half life
Can be stopped by a sheet of paper
Alpha particles
Can be stopped with a thin metal sheet
Beta Particles
Takes thick concrete or lead to stop
Gamma Rays
Travel at the speed of light
Gamma Rays
are not affected by a magnetic field
Gamma Rays
Gamma Rays are not affected by a magnetic field because they do not carry a
Particle magnetic charge
An alpha particle is actually a nucleus of
Beta particles originate in the _______ of the atom
RAdioactive decay processes occur until a ______ element is formed
A nuclear ________ reaction occurs when large nucleus is split, producing tremendous energy
Where does nuclear radiation come from?
From the nucleus of the atom
In a _____ reaction, lighter mass nuclides come together to form a heavier nucleus and lots of energy
Which reaction generates more energy?
The atomic particle having a mass of 0amu and a charge of -1 is
an electron
The cesium-137 nuclide half life of 30 years, after 90 years, about 6g remains. The prigional mass of the cesium-137 sample is closest to
The average mass of a boron is 10.81. assuming ou were able to isolate only one boron atom, the chance that you would randomly get one with a mass of 10.81 is
Which particle identifies the element
which particle has the smallest mass
which particle determines the chemical behavior of an element?
What are the forms of radiation in the electromagnetis spectrum?
radio waves, microwaves, inferred, visible light, UV rays, x-rays, gamma rays
What are the beneficial ways we use radioactivity in our lives?
laser surgery, radioactive pellet, radio tracers
Higher energy radiation waves have a_________ wavelength
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