Nuclear Chemistry, Equilibrium, And Kinetics

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At Equilibrium
C) The forward reaction rate is equal to the reserve reaction rate
A very high value of the equilibrium constant for a reaction indicates that
B) Products are favored
If the concentration of reactants is higher
A) The reaction rate is generally higher
An increase in temperature generally has what impact on the rate of reaction
A) It will increase
To be effective, a collision requires
C) Sufficient energy and a favorable orientation
Catalysts generally affect chemical reactions by
C) Providing an alternate pathway with a lower activation energy
An activated complex
C) M​ay either separate into the products or re-form the reactants
Which process is used to speed up chemical reactions?
B) Catalysis
What symbol in a chemical equation indicates equlibrium?
D) None of the Above
If the system 2CO(g) + O2(g) = 2CO2(g) has come to equlibrium and then more CO(g) is added
A) [CO2] increases and [O2] decreases
If the temperature of the equilibrium system CH3OH(g) + 101 kJ = CO(g) + 2H2(g) increases
B) [CH3OH] decreases and [CO] increases
What does the 4 in 4 He represent?
A) The mass number
What does the 101 in 256 Md represent?
B) The atomic number
What does the 218 in polonium-218 represent?
A) The mass number
Which of the following lists ranks nuclear radiation from most massive to least massive?
A) Alpha, beta, gamma
Which of the following particles has the same mass as an electron but a positive charge and is sometime emitted from the nucleus during radioactive decay?
C) Positron
Which series consists of radioactive nuclides produced by successive radioactive decay until a stable nuclide is reached?
D) Decay series
If the particle that starts a nuclear reaction is also one of the products, the process is a
A) Chain reaction
The half-life of an isotope is the time required for half the nuclei in a sample of the isotope to
A) Undergo radioactive decay
How many half-life of an isotope is the time required for half the nuclei in a sample of the isotope?
C) 2
What is the half-life of an isotope if 125 g of a 500 g sample of the isotope remain after 3 years?
A) 1.5 years
Balance the following equation: 226 Ra -> 226 Rn + ___
88 88
A) 4 He
Balance the following equation: 238 U + ___ -> 239 U
92 92
B) 1 n
Balance the following equation: 9 Be + 4 He -> 12 C + ____
4 2 6
B) 1 n
Balance the following equation: 239 Np -> ___ + 0 e
93 -1
C) 239 Pu
Which of the following forms of radiation has the greatest penetrating power?
C) Gamma rays
Beta particles are
A) Electrons
Which of the following materials is necessary to stop an alpha particle?
D) A single sheet of paper
A reaction that results in the combining of smaller atomic nuclei is
C) Fusion
What happens to a reaction at equilibrium when more reactant is added to the system?
A) The reaction makes more products
Which of the changes listed below would shift the following reaction to the right? 4HCl(g) + O2(g) –> 2Cl2(g) + 2H2O(g)
C) Increase of pressure
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