Unit 16 nuclear chemistry

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Nuclear reaction
A reaction in which the nucleus of an atom is changed affecting the identity of that element
What are some differences between chemical reactions and nuclear reactions?
Elements may be changed in a nuclear reaction but are only rearranged in a chemical reaction
What is the strong nuclear force?
The force that holds protons and neutrons together in the nucleus
What makes an Adams nucleus unstable?
And imbalance between the strong nuclear force in electrostatic repulsion
What is an alpha particle the same as?
A helium nucleus
What is a beta particle the same as?
An electron
What particle has an atomic number of -1 and a mass number of 0?
Beta particle
What particle has an atomic number of two and a mass number of four?
An alpha particle
What is produced when a neutron breaks into a proton and electron?
A beta particle
When atomic nuclei undergo fission the total mass of the two nuclei is less than the original mass. what is the missing mass converted into?
What does not apply to fission reactions?
The law of conservation of mass
What does a fusion reaction convert some of the mass in the original nuclei into?
What is released when Atome undergo fission?
What is the splitting of an atom into two Atoms?
Nuclear fission
What is the joining of two small nuclei to form a larger nucleus?
Nuclear fusion
What are the nuclear reactions that produce energy in nuclear power plants in example of?
How do you control rods a nuclear reactors control the reaction?
They absorb neutrons to keep the reaction controlled
What is the energy producing nuclear reaction that takes place between hydrogen Atoms in the sun in example of?
What can change the half-life of an isotope?
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