Beutel quiz organic chemistry

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What is Organic Chemistry
chemistry of carbon compounds
What is a molecule that has carbon and hydrogen only
What is the difference between a hydrocarbon and an alcohol
OH at the end of the molecule
Which type of formula tells the amount of each element
Which type of formulas shows what the molecule looks like as a drawing
which type of formulas show what the molecules look like not as a drawing
what allows carbon molecules to be the basis of O-Chem
4 bonds or they bond with themselves
What are the four types of carbon
diamond, graphite, fullerines, nanotubes
what is the one key difference between the 4 types of carbon
name two things organic molecules have in common
odor and low boiling points
give the structural and graphical formulas for methane, ethane, propane and octane
graphical methane: ch4
ethane: c2h6
propane: c3h8
octane: c8h18
what is an ester
carbonic acid + alcohol
what is an organic acid
substituted hydrocarbon with COOH (carboxl)
what can monomers make when chained together
what are polymers
chain of monomers
what polymer gives us energy and has Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon
what allows people to get the energy from food
what nutrients are there besides the polymers we eat
vitamins and minerals
what other common elements are there in organic molecules besides carbon
hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur
what is DNA
deoxyribonucleic acid, double helix
what are three common shapes of carbon based molecules
planar, tetrahedral, linear
what type of bonds do carbon molecules form
what type of organic molecule makes up teeth bone and hair
fats and oils are examples of
what are two units in blood pressure
systolic: heart contracts
diastolic: when the heart is released
what is a good range range for systolic and diastolic
systolic – below 120
diastolic – less than 80
what is a dangerous range for overall cholesterol
over 200
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