Important reactions and reagents for NCEA level 2 organic chemistry

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Halo alkane to an Amine
(Substitution rxn) NH3(alc)
Alkane to Halo alkane
(Substitution rxn) Br2/UV
Alkene to Alkane
(Addition rxn) Pt/H2 or Ni/H2
Alkane to Alkene
(Elimination rxn) -H2
Alkene to Halo alkane 1
(Addition rxn) Br2(aq)
Alkene to Polymer
(Addition rxn)
Alkene to Alkyne
(Elimination rxn) -H2
Alkyne to Alkene
(Addition rxn) Pt/H2 or Ni/H2
Alkene to Diol
(Oxidation) MnO4-/H+
Alkene to Alcohol
(Addition rxn) H2O/H+
Alcohol to Alkene
(Elimination rxn) H2SO4
Alkene to Halo alkane 2
(Addition rxn) HBr
Halo alkane to Alkene
(Elimination rxn) OH-(alc)
Halo alkane to Alcohol
(Subtitution rxn) H3O(OH) or OH(aq)
Alcohol to Halo alkane
(Substitution rxn) PCL5(lucas)
Alcohol to Carboxylic acid
(Oxidation) MnO4-/H+ or CrO7(2-)/H+
Carboxylic salt
(Acid-base rxn) NaOH, Na2CO3
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