Organic Chemistry 10th Grade

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Define IUPAC
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemists
Define organic chemistry
Branch of chemistry that deals with carbon-hydrogen compounds
Define saturated hydrocarbons
Carbon atoms bonded to other carbon atoms by only single bonds
Define unsaturated hydrocarbons
Carbon atoms bonded with double or triple bonds
Define hybridization
A process where by electrons are promoted to vacant orbitals, and the electrons interact with each other to create new bonding orbitals. Enables any atom to increase its electron density making the atom more electrically stable.
What is the general formula for alkanes?
What is the general formula for alkenes?
What is the general formula for alkynes?
What is Markovnikov’s rule?
In an addition reaction the added hydrogen becomes bonded to the carbon atom on the double bond that has the most hydrogens already bonded to it.
List the functional groups
Aldehydes, keytones, alcohols, carboxylic acids, ethers, and halogenated hydrocarbons.
What are parent compounds?
The larger chain is the parent compound, the one attached to it is the substituent chain.
what do p, o, and m stand for in the aromatic groups?
toluene, phenol, and aniline are the common names of
toluene= Ch₃
phenol= OH
aniline= NH₂
What are the hydrocarbon families?
udrocarbons aliphatic aromatic

alkanes alkenes alkynes cyclics

What are the two types of reactions?
Alkane Substitution and Alkene Addition reactions
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