Organic chemistry reaction sequence

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Haloalkane to alcohol
Substitution, KOH (aq) or NaOH (aq) needed
Haloalkane to amine
Substitution, conc NH3 needed
Alkene to alcohol
Addition, H2O needed with a catalyst of h+, h2SO4 and heat
Alcohol to alkene
Elimination. Conc. H2SO4 needed
Alcohol to haloalkane
Substitution. PCl3, PCl5 or SOCl2 needed
Alkene to haloalkane
Addition. HX needed
Haloalkane to alkenes
Elimination. Conc. KOH (alc) needed.
Alkene to alkane
Addition. H2 needed. Catalysts are Pt and Ni
Alkane to haloalkane
Substitution. Cl2/Br2 needed. Catalyst is light
Alkene to dihaloalkane
Addition. X2 needed
Alkene to diol
Oxidation. MnO4- needed. Catalyst is H+
Alcohol to carboxylic acid
Oxidation. MnO4 or Cr2O7 needed. Catalyst is H+
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