Chapter one review . Chemistry

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define the word chemical
A substance that has a definite composition
how does the composition of a pure compound differ from that of a mixture
The proportions of elements in a pure substance are fixed
defined property
how are properties useful in classifying material
A property is any characteristic of a substance or material

useful for classifying of known materials as members of known groups or subgroups of substances or to identify substances directly

what is the difference between extensive properties and intensive of properties
extensive properties depend on the amount of water that is present
intensive properties do not
define physical property
List two examples of physical property
A property that can be observed or measured without changing the identity of the substance

examples include color order length size and melting point

define chemical property
List two examples of chemical properties
A property that describes the ability of a substance to undergo changes that alter its identity

examples include the ability of coal to burn and iron to rust

distinguish between a physical change and a chemical change
physical change does not involve a change in a substance is identity chemical change converts one substance into other substances
how does a solid differ from a liquid
A solid-state has definite volume and definite shape whereas a liquid has a definite volume but takes the shape of its container
how does a liquid differ from a gas
A gas has neither definite volume your definite shape
how is liquid similar to a gas
liquids and gases take the shape of the container
what is a plasma
i’ll plasma is a high temperature physical state of matter in which Adams lose their electrons
what is meant by a change in state
A change of a substance from one state of matter to another
identify the reactants and products in the following reaction
ptassium + water —–
potassium hydroxide + hydrogen
reactants are potassium chloride and oxygen products are potassium hydroxide and hydrogen
identify each of the following as either a physical change or I chemical change explain your answers
a. A piece of wood is sawed in half
b. milk turn sour
c. melted butter saw the solidifies in the refrigerator
a. physical because the wood remains wood
b. Chemical because the milk changes composition as signified by the change in flavor
c. physical because the butter remains butter
a. supposed different parts of a sample material have different compositions what can you conclude about the material
it must be a mixture
supposed different parts of a sample have the same composition what can you conclude about the material explain your answer
some mixtures and all elements and compounds fit the description
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