Physical, Chemical, and States of Matter Study Guide

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Physical Change
Physical Change
changes the shape or form of the object or material without changing it into a new substance
Chemical change
changes the identity of one or more substances so that a new substance is formed
Physical proprties
are properties that can be observed without making new substances
Example: state, density,color, and hardness
Chemical Properties
The ability of a substance to change into another substance or substances. Chemical properties many only be observed by changing or trying to change the substance into new substance.
Characteristic property
is a physical or chemical property that does not depend on the quantity (mass or volume) of the substance-useful in identifying and classifying substances
Particle spacing for Solid
Very close together
Particle spacing for Liquid
almost as close as solid
Particle spacing for Gas
spread out
Particle Speed for Solid
Particle Speed for Liquid
Particle Speed for Gas
very fast
Particle interaction for Solid
particles locked in place, vibrating
Particle interaction for Liquid
particles stay together but slide past one another
Particle interaction for Gas
particles touch/interact very little
Balance of forces for Solid
attraction among molecules overwhelms particle energy
Balance of forces for Liquid
attractive and particle energy are somewhat balanced
Balance of forces for Gas
particle energy overwhelms attraction among molecules
Volume for Solid
Volume for Liquid
Volume for Gas
indefinite- may be compressed or expanded
Shape for Solid
Shape for Liquid
indefinite-takes the shape of the container
Shape for Gas
indefinite-takes the shape of the container
State of Matter
States of matter determined by a balance of forces among the particles. Particle Energies (temperature) causes them to move around and spread apart while the attractive Horses smaller particles cause them to stick together. How these forces balanced out determines the state of matter .
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